An offer:

  • Groupage transport to 3.5 t., time critical, immediate reaction and punctual package delivering,
  • Heavy transport, low loading and oversize freight in all areas of European Union,
  • Transport pilotage with own vehicles,
  • The possibility of storage, packaging and distribution of product,
  • Designing freight forwarding solutions and truckload shipping chains,
  • Monitoring own general delivery.

Most of the orders entrusted to us are done using our own transport – new and reliable vehicles. Each transport from the beginning to the end is controlled by the same shipper.

We manage the fleet of:

  • 15 vehicles with 1500 kilos of loading and cubic capacity to 34m3 from 8 to 12 pallet’s places
  • 8 vehicles with permissible gross weight to 12tones – from 16 to 18 pallet’s places
  • 11 semi-trailer trucks ‘curtain’ , ‘mega’ and ‘standard’ type
  • Oversize vehicles:
    • Tiefbett
    • Semi Low-loader
    • Platforma